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We wish we would have had access to capital like WHITE ROAD INVESTMENTS at pivotal moments during CLIF BAR's first 10 years.

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Brands with a mission

We live by these five aspirations.

What is a

White road?

Inspired investing is at the heart of what we do.

The White Road was a gravel road on the map that became a philosophy. It’s the ‘alternate route’ to the Red Road, that six lane, pre-determined super highway, where there’s no need to trust your gut, travel light or take a leap of faith.

White Roads are those that wind through the countryside, see less traffic, reveal more beauty, and inspire introspection. The White Road is the one that energizes, inspires and sustains you. The Red Road might seem safer and more “practical,” but if it’s not consistent with your values, it can leave you exhausted, depleted and uninspired.

We prefer White Roads. For us they’ve become an energetic way of life even when times get tough. They’re a means to better living and better business. They are not quick or easy, sometimes they can even be perilous, but they are always more fulfilling, more soulful. They are simplicity celebrated, where your gut calls the shots, you tread light, and you travel even lighter.

White Roads are where adventure and freedom allow each moment to breathe, reminding us that it really is all about the journey.

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What do we


‘Lots of stuff' including their five aspirations.

Simply put it’s a dedication to sustaining the planet we call home and the people we get to meet and interact with along the way. It’s also being good neighbors by giving back to our community and driving our business for the long haul according to the laws of natural demand. Finally, we honor our brands by making products that our customers actually need while never compromising quality.

How do we


We strive to identify and invest in the best emerging, values-driven businesses. Our focus is on partners that continue to innovate consumer products and promote the lifestyle of health and sustainability–for people and planet.

We’re seeking high energy partnerships that will produce great returns, both financially and consciously. Unlike typical private equity groups, we are not here to change anyone’s mission, vision, or value set. Instead, we’ve found that when a partner company’s mission and culture are in alignment with our own, the resulting creative, intellectual & connective capital combines for holistically better business.

We want partners that are intensely product focused, mission driven and that are operating with $2 million to $20 million in annual revenue. Our equity investments range from $500k to $2 million, when coupled with our creative, intellectual and connective capital is when real growth happens.

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Our toolbox

Our internal team of mission driven and seasoned players offer more than just money. We’ve been where you are now and can help guide the way forward.

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Our team

Another way we go “further than funding,” our team offers a wealth of expertise at building and sustaining world-class brands.